American Airlines Charter Flights are Getting Ready

Chartered aircraft donated by American Airlines have departed today across the country to get in position for the start of Snowball Express XI tomorrow morning!! Planes and gates are decorated, and the all volunteer flight crews are ready to bring our families to Dallas tomorrow! We can’t wait to see everyone!

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SGT Jeremy Mcqueary, USMC MSGT Lino Bernal, USA PFC Dean Bright, USA SGTMAJ Mary Jones, USA SSG Samuel Ritter, USA SSG Stephen Sutherland, USA SPC Brenton Slayton, USA SGT Michael Boatright, USA SGT Edward Hoglund, USA SSGT Jacob Rich, USMC SGT Timothy Padgett, USA SFC Shawn Dostie, USA SSG Robert Hollar Jr, USA SPC Steven GIVens, USA SGT Ronald Singleton, USA PO1 Nicholas Higginbotham, USN SN David Wilson, USN SPC James Kesinger, USA MSGT Joseph Harrison, USA SPC Francis Trussel Jr, USA SPC Jeremy Laclaire, USA SPC Robert Burns, USA SGT Ian Anderson, USA SPC Clarence Adams III, USA SFC James Tilby Jr, USA
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