Welcome Families of Our Fallen Heroes!

Registration for the December Snowball Express event is now closed:

Over the past decade, true American Heroes, the men and women of the United States Military and their families, have made and continue to make extraordinary sacrifices to protect our freedom.

That’s why we started Snowball Express. Each year with the help of our presenting sponsor, American Airlines, and our other wonderful sponsors and volunteers we are able to bring together children of our fallen military heroes from all over the world for 5 days of making new memories and honoring their parent’s sacrifice.

Message To the Families:

"In 2010, I volunteered at Snowball Express to help out for a couple hours. Four days later I knew I was in. I worried that I didn’t have the background to help these families. I had no experience with that kind of loss. After spending time with the families of Snowball, it became clear to me that I didn’t need experience. It was not me that was going to help heal these families…it was the families healing each other. It became clear to me that my job was to bring them together to heal each other.

My favorite quote from a mom…”Thank you so much. At home, everyday, someone says how sorry he or she is for my loss and that they know how I feel. They don’t. But, at Snowball Express, everyone does.”

We are busy planning another great event, and can’t wait to see our Snowball Family. While the daily events are fun, the highlight for me will be seeing everyone together smiling and having great time."

-Vice Chairman Mike Boynton, Airlift Lead

We Honor
SFC Bryan Hall, USA SSG Gary Collins, USA SSG Timothy Cole Jr, USA SPC James Kesinger, USA CPO Robert Roy, USN CPT Jacob Larsen, USA 1STSGT Luke Mercardante, USMC SFC John Alton, USA PFC Carlos Rojas, USA SSG George Pugliese, USA CAPT Todd Siebert, USMC SSG Nathan Wyrick, USA SSG Daniel Rodriguez, USA SSG Joseph Kane, USA SSG Adam Sines, USA SPC Trent Thorp, USA SFC Justin Williams, USA SPC Daniel Jones Jr, USA SSG Michael Beecher, USA SFC Anthony Venetz, USA PO3 Jeffrey Blish, USN SSG Todd Olson, USA SSGT Erick Bovell, USA SN Kyle Nolen, USN SGT Wesley Rice, USMC
As One of Our Fallen Heroes

Serving the children of our fallen military heroes Snowball Express Could Use Your Help!