Snowball Express XII

We look forward to welcoming the most remarkable group of children and widows/widowers to DFW this December. Together, as one big family, we will create wonderful memories, develop friendships that will last a lifetime, and remember and honor the ultimate sacrifice of each family’s Military fallen hero.

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We Honor
SSG Robert Chiomento, USA PO2 Robert Robinson, USN SFC Jerald Whisenhunt, USA SSG Stephen Burpee, USA CAPT Michael Turner, USAF SGT Malik Alawy, USA SGT Leeroy Lacy, USA SFC Domenic D'ambra, USA WO1 Anthony Brent, USA SFC Jason Hickman, USA SGT Barry Evinger, USMC SGT Hector Ortiz, USA SGTMAJ Mary Jones, USA SGT Aaron Scales Jr, USA LCPL Thomas Echols, USMC PV2 Billy Watts, USA SSG Carlos Lazaney-Rodriguez, USA 1STLT Demetrius Frison, USA SSG Kenneth Bennett, USA SFC Scott Strohmeier, USA SSG Dick Lee, USA SGT Timothy Conneway, USA CWO2 Christopher Johnson, USA CWO3 Philip Windorski, USA LTCOL Keith Underwood, USA
As One of Our Fallen Heroes

Serving the children of our fallen military heroes Snowball Express Could Use Your Help!