A Message From Amber Johnson

Associate Program Director, Snowball Express

As the Director of Operations for Snowball Express, I am honored to serve the children of our fallen military heroes. I come from a military large military family. Snowball Express is changing the life’s of each of us, including mine as I get to know the surviving spouses and children who we see every year, as well as become friends with the hundreds/thousands of volunteers who help make this five day event something that is truly a magical experience for all of us.  

To get to know such passionate, caring and loving individuals and watch them donate their time and energy, pouring their talent and experience into Snowball Express each year is truly amazing. It takes hundreds of hours to organize and build the December event, and the dedication of the volunteers leaves all of us humbled.

This organization is truly dedicated to our nation’s fallen military heroes and their families and we hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity. We will always put the families and the mission to serve before all else. I am honored to be a part of it. Together, we are all a family.

We Honor
SPC Leonardo Guerra, USA SPC Sarah Morris, USA PO1 Dameshvar Jaikaran, USN SSG William Robbins, USA SGT Rodolfo Rodriguez, USA PFC Alfred Jairala, USA LCPL Steven Stevens, USMC SGT Richard Walters, USA SFC Ofren Arrechaga, USA SPC Justin Blackwell, USA SGT David Arroyo, USA SFC Ronald Grider, USA SSG Gary Collins, USA SGT Jeremy Mcqueary, USMC SFC Robert Dejesus, USA SSG Thomas Rittal, USA SFC James Stoddard Jr, USA PFC Jeffrey Estlack, USA CWO2 Timothy Moehling, USA SFC Shawn Suzch, USA LCPL Jay Lente, USMC TSGT Dale Mathews, USAF SSG Stephen Burpee, USA SSG Dennis Hansen, USA MSGT Thomas Crowell, USAF
As One of Our Fallen Heroes

Serving the children of our fallen military heroes Snowball Express Could Use Your Help!