A Message From The Chairman of the Board

Bob Apetz

Snowball Express XII – 2017 will be held in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX from Saturday, December 9 through Wednesday, December 13.

Our volunteers, sponsors, Board of Directors, and Executive Director have started planning SBE XII to ensure that is it worthy of our mission and most importantly, your family’s sacrifice.

To our volunteers, sponsors, Board of Directors, and Executive Director, I want to say thank you for all of your hard work. I know we will successfully accomplish our goals in the upcoming months.

To our families, we cannot wait to see your smiling faces again.  They are the highlight of our holiday season.  We anxiously await your arrival on December 9th, when you will be able to establish new friendships, reconnect with friends from past Snowball Express experiences, and make some wonderful new memories.

We Honor
SPC Russell Madden, USA SFC Michael Goski, USA LCPL Bradley Atkins, USMC CPL Christopher Monahan, USMC SPC Brian Penisten, USA SPC Michael Cote, USA MAJ Brad Funk, USAF SPC Robert Burns, USA SFC Christopher Henderson, USA LT James Kervella, USN SFC Randall Rehn, USA PO2 Nishon Mcmillen, USN SSG Stephen Burpee, USA SPC Michael Fisk, USA SGT Cale Drumm, USA CPO Jason Freiwald, USN SGT Michael Devlieger, USA SGT Samuel Tilles, USA LCPL Casey Horn, USMC SPC Geoffrey Johnson, USA CPL Jaygee Meluat, USMC LTCOL David Cabrera, USA SGT Michael Knapp, USA MAJ Shawn Campbell, USMC CPO Patrick Wade, USN
As One of Our Fallen Heroes

Serving the children of our fallen military heroes Snowball Express Could Use Your Help!